Fri Sep 13 09:33:24 MSK 2013

  • problem: ruby 2.0 wants to be installed (despite of RUBY_TARGETS do not mention it)
    solution: see bug 483254… in brief the problem is: gentoo support team wants to have ruby 2.0 (cuz it stable and recommended by upstream), but too lazy to mark all remain ebuilds to have it in RUBY_TARGETS, so they just decide to force this USE-expand flag in portage profiles! (damn!) Personally I satisfied w/ ruby 1.9 (cuz use just few ruby packages) and don’t want to install a new version (everything what I need works already fine for me). To “unforce” it I’ve started to maintain my own profile (in my repository). Thanks to paludis where it is possible to have (apply) multiple profiles for particular installation.
    To add it, one have to append a full path to my profile dir into the /etc/paludis/repositories/gentoo.conf (yep, my repo must be configured as well):

      profiles = ${location}/profiles/default/linux/amd64/13.0/desktop/kde ${root}/var/db/paludis/repositories/zaufi-overlay/profiles/base
  • problem: no suitable version of virtual/pyparsing
    solution: according changelog entry it doesn’t required anymore. Just reinstall all depended packages (ebuilds are fixed in the portage tree already, and as usual w/o revision increment)

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