I’ve being asked to write short notes about the ways I’ve solved problems with updating the World. So here is an issue #1 :) (it would be a list of issues actually ;-)

Like a famous Guru Of The Week this series will be named Gentoo Problem Of The Week ;-)

Mon Aug 12 20:19:46 MSK 2013

  • problem: no more virtual/init in the portage tree!
    solution: reinstall openrc: cave resolve openrc -P virtual/init

  • problem: two blocks when updating to TeX live 2013 – there is no more packages for dev-texlive/texlive-documentation-base and dev-texlive/texlive-texinfo.
    solution: just uninstall ‘em w/ --uninstalls-may-break, then cave -n virtual/texi2dvi (must be reinstalled cuz ebuild in the tree has been changed w/o revision incrase), then continue to update the World.

  • problem: block w/ dev-python/pyparsing
    solution: recent version of virtual/pyparsing-3 needs only >=dev-python/pyparsing-2.0.1:0 instead of two versions (installed into different slots py2 and py3). Just remove older pyparsing packages w/ --uninstalls-may-break – latest version will be installed on World update.

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