Changes since release 1.0.2:

  • Simple preprocessor directive auto completion has been added. If there is no ambiguity it will auto substitute an item. E.g. to type #pragma it would be enough to press # and p. It is replacement for former #in “shortcut” to type #include

    Preprocessor and #include completer

  • Improved #include completion with better support for local (project) files. Some other features (like Open Header/Implementation) was also improved to support local headers.

  • Introduced an action to toggle #include style – i.e. between <> and "" form.

    Toggle #include style
    It is easy to transform a bunch of #includes using a shortcut (default Alt+#).

    Toggle #include style action

  • And as usual, also here is a bunch of refactorings to make a code better (thanks to C++14 ;-).


Since the version 1.0.3, it is required C++14 capable compiler to build this plugin – i.e. GCC >= 4.9 or Clang >= 3.5.

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