Here is a changes list in this, mostly cosmetic, release:

  • Add import/export completions sanitizer rules – it uses KDE configs API and doesn’t intended to edit by humans. The primary goal was to be able to store and exchange rules among users/hosts.
  • Provide sample, but quite useful, sanitizer rules as a pre installed file w/ my rules exported. See mini howto page about what is completions sanitizer and how to use it.
  • Keep current (session specific) include paths set selected after store it.
  • Add action to step back (i.e. return to a previous location) after lookup declaration/definition of some symbol.
  • Set default shortcuts for all lookup actions same as ctags plugin has. Yeah, you don’t need that plugin anymore ;-)
  • Eliminate compile error w/ gcc 4.9. Fix issue #18
  • Few cleanups in UI.
  • A bunch of improvements in build system (not interested to end-users ;-)

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