Attention gentoo/C++ developers who use boost library! Starting from =dev-libs/boost-1.50.0-r2 there is no more eselect profiles! So, no way to switch between few versions of boost! And no way to easy (lazy :) detect it from your configure scripts (only hard way :).

Tiziano Müller, the author of =dev-libs/boost-1.50-r2 ebuild, which is recently (silently) appears in a portage tree kindly gave me some explanations about future directions according boost and eselect:

Yes, that change is intentional.
I know that this makes the live for people using Gentoo as development
platform harder, but unfortunately this is how we have to proceed.

See my announcement on the gentoo-dev ml here:

and an earlier discussion here:

I'll do an official announcement on gentoo-dev-announce (and maybe a news item)
at least when it hits stable (possibly already if it gets unmasked).

So we (C++ developers) have to do smth w/ this, cuz live getting harder %) To make life little simple the ebuild creates a bunch of short (unversioned) symlinks to the /usr/lib/boost-1_50 directory, so sometimes it would be enough to add -L/usr/lib/boost-1_50 option for linker and -I/usr/include/boost-1_50 for compiler.

Fortunately cmake (my primary build system) has a good enough boost detection support, but some packages in my system got broken :( and I have no time to fix ‘em. Particularly schroot has broken and unable to detect boost anymore… and to fix it needs sane boost detection (yep, nowadays it is simple and naive… u even unable to specify a custom location for it). Or alternative way is to hack an ebuild and provide -L and -I via xxFLAGS environment before configure. This would be easy than rewrite a boost detector in the schroot’s

Update: I’ve hacked the schroot ebuild and add it to the bug reported… (here is a copy in my overlay)

Update: =net-libs/telepathy-log-qt-0.10.2 fails to build also, cuz implicitly depends on boost via qt-gstreamer which is use some header-only libraries. A bug related to qt-gstreamer is here.

Update: My report about schroot was included as blocker to another one (bigger) bug list of packages that become broken w/ boost-1.50.0-r2. Separate bug about telepathy-log-qt is here.

Update 06-Sep-2012: Another one victim found.

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