Sun Jan 5 21:10:41 MSK 2014

To all who use as default linker: Be aware that you have to switch back to after binutils gets reinstalled! See also this bug.
  • problem: dev-utils/oprofile failed to build

      checking libiberty.h usability... yes
      checking libiberty.h presence... yes
      checking for libiberty.h... yes
      checking for cplus_demangle in -liberty... no
      configure: error: liberty library not found __solution__: sorry, I'm lazy to fix this, so here is a [bug]( The problem in `binutils` package actually: it won't install `libiberty.a`...

Some packages, sys-libs/db-4.8.30 for example, may fail to build w/ as default linker, but one may temporary override it w/ -fuse-ld=bfd compiler option… I’ll tell about this and some more tricks later… ;-)

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