Sat Dec 21 18:14:46 MSK 2013

Recently I had an interesting discussion w/ paludis developers and learn few tricks from it. Now my aliases (defined in /etc/profile.d/ look like this:

CAVE_RESUME_FILE_OPT='--resume-file /storage/tmp/paludis/resume'

alias cs='cave search --index ${CAVE_SEARCH_INDEX}'
alias cm='cave manage-search-index --create ${CAVE_SEARCH_INDEX}'
alias cc='cave contents'
alias cr='cave resolve'
alias crz='cave resolve ${CAVE_RESUME_FILE_OPT}'
alias cz='cave resume -Cs ${CAVE_RESUME_FILE_OPT}'
alias cw='cave show'
alias co='cave owner'
alias cu='cave uninstall'
alias cy='cave sync'
alias world-up='cave resolve ${CAVE_RESUME_FILE_OPT} -c -km -Km -Cs -P "*/*" -Si -Rn world'
alias system-up='cave resolve ${CAVE_RESUME_FILE_OPT} -c -km -Km -Cs -P "*/*" -Si -Rn system'

Note -km -Km options. They are needed to rebuild packages modified w/o version/revision bump – the bad practice used widely by gentoo team (unfortunately). Next time I had run world-up, I got 389 packages to reinstall ;-)

  • problem: =dev-libs/libev-4.15 fail to configure (see bug #494924)
    solution: While it is not resolved I use the ebuild from my overlay.

  • problem: =media-gfx/exiv2-0.23 wont install doxygened documentation w/ USE=doc (see bug #494920)
    solution: Here is improved ebuild from my overlay: it address the problem w/ docs installation and adds support for Python 3 to that package. It needed to regenerate some HTML templates when build docs.

  • problem: there was a dependency (blocker to be precise) problem w/ paludis for kdepimlibs-4.12
    solution: it was partly solved w/ adding a lot of options like --avoid and --favour (thanks to albel727 from #paludis channel), but better solution is to hack the ebuild
    update: the “official” ebuild was updated in the portage tree today (Dec, 21)… yep, w/o version bump again! … and I’m lazy to check if it really fixed (don’t want to downgrade from my 4.12-r1 revision)

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