I’ve started to use paludis around 4-5 years ago. Unfortunately it has a bug (I’m in doubt that it is actually a feature :-) – all [ ok ] it prints are placed at 80th position… or so, I don’t remember exactly, so sometimes they are placed over a text (like “Applying patch blah-blah-very-long-name…“) and in any case on a wide terminal window it look strange…

So here is a mine fix (hack actually) for that, I’ve done a long time ago for dynamic detection of a terminal size:

# Put this to the end of your /etc/paludis/bashrc
COLUMNS=$(stty size 2>/dev/null | cut -d ' ' -f2)
test -z "${COLUMNS}" && COLUMNS=${save_COLUMNS}
unset save_COLUMNS
PALUDIS_ENDCOL=$'\e[A\e['$(( ${COLUMNS:-80} - 7 ))'G'

Have fun! :-)

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